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Guinea Pig Boarding

Your guinea pigs can stay in Pip's house – their own air-conditioned bedroom within our house.  They will stay in a C&C cage usually set up as a 4x2 with a 1x2 loft extension, with a fleece floor coverings and beds.


I will provide them with lots of cuddles, and all their veg for breakfast and tea, fresh water daily and hay to lay in, and chomp on. In the evenings, they'll have a turn down service before bedtime, when they'll have bed changes ready to sleep in, new hay, and some lovely midnight forage, in case they get peckish and want a snack in the middle of the night.


£7 per pair of piggies per day

Cute Bunny

Rabbit Boarding

Your rabbit can stay in our indoor luxuary 160 x 160 cm play pen, wthin our home.  I will give them lots of cuddles, fresh veg and water daily as well as playtime with various enrichment toys.


£12.50 per day for an established bonded pair


Rocky's Rest

Hamsters and Gerbils can stay here or I come to them. Rocky's Rest is a separate room in my house where they can stay, or they can stay in their own home and I will pop in to feed, water and cuddle and play with them, as often as you want.


£7.50 per pop in, or £5 per day stay

Cat with a Hat

Pet Pop Ins

Your pets can stay in their own home ( I cover Wootton and surrounding villages)

I will visit your home, to feed, let out, and play with your pets.  I can also pick up your post off the mat, open/close your curtains to make it look like someone is home and water the plants.


£7-£10 per pop in dependant on needs.


Bird Care

I can look after your bird's at your home or if you have a single caged bird, they can come in their own cage and live in our house, where they will be part of our family, sitting in the lounge and getting lots of care, love and attention.


£7.50 per pop in, or £5 per day stay

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